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Marhyde Ultimate Filler/Primer

Thanks to Alan Shaw for exposing me to this stuff...

Yesterday we mixed some of this up and put it on the wings.

The local paint booth was occupied so we just rolled the stuff on with a
roller. Worked great! We used a 3/16" nap roller of mohair that had a
phenolic core to it. (Bought at Home Depot!)

It took just over a half gallon to put a healthy coating on both sides of
the wings and winglets. It's so hot now here in Texas that the stuff was
tack-free in 60 minutes. Sandable in less than 3 hours!!! 

Alan was right...it sands like butter. Exposed some low spots in what I
thought were pretty level wings. 

If rolling on, I suggest that you not use a roller pan for the paint. Just
mix a nice amount in a large cup and pour right onto the surface and roll
out with the roller. (Paint starts to set fast in the roller pan).

After seeing this stuff in action, I would have saved ALOT of time getting
those wings ready. My recommendation is to get your wings contoured well
using nothing finer than 80 grit. Then use the Marhyde and sand back with
@320 grit. Smooth as glass!!

Dave Brown