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RE: Awlgrip primer

I am by no means a painting expert, but I have been using AwlGrip and know 
enough to answer your questions.

You do mix the base and hardener together in a one to one mixture.  After 
it sits for a few minutes you can thin it out with AwlGrip reducer (I do 
this just because it flows better out of my standard air gun).  The primer 
actually becomes like epoxy when it cures and any remainder in the bottom 
of your mixing bucket will form into a solid, hard sheet.  It's a rather 
toxic smell so make sure you wear a good respirator.

As Alan said earlier, it adsorbs into the micro rather readily and I 
suppose does then add some weight... I usually wet sand the micro with 240 
grit before application and this seems to reduce the adsorption greatly. 
 Also, don't forget it has a lot of metal in it (zinc??) and should not be 
used around antennas.

I have purchased AwlGrip from my local auto paint and body shop.  Sometimes 
I have to call around but someone usually has it in a bigger city.  Thom  
pson PBE is a nationwide chain that carries this stuff as well as sanding 
sheets for our long sanding board in many flavors and the black epoxy dye 
for installing the windows.