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Awlgrip primer

Because I have a set of Alan's excellent wings, I haven't needed primer 
until now. I am now ready to prime the fuselage. I decided to follow what 
seens to be the consensus advice and say with the Awlgrip 545. That poses 
one small problem. The construction manual says "A local marine 
distributor should carry this". Unfortunately the state of Colorado is 
not exactly overrun with marine distributors. An internet search indicated 
that there is one US paint distributor in the state of Colorado (in Denver).
I contacted said distributor by phone this after and I got an order taker 
on the phone who seemed to know very little except that they didn't have 
it in Denver and it would have to be ordered out a warehouse in Dallas.

It seems as though I really should get a better understanding of what I 
need before I spend a couple of hundred bucks getting a shipment from Dallas.
My knowledge of paints and primers is essentially zero. Are the D8001 
Base and the D3001 Converter really mixed one to one as the person on the 
phone seened to think? What should be it be reduced with? Is there 
anything else that I need to know? I have access to a HVLP sprayer that I
 have been assured should be adequate and I know enough to be sure that I 
have adequate ventilation and to use an adequate respirator.


Don Royer 173 RGE