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Want to get on the Velocity Reflector


My name is Eung Tai Kim form South Korea.
Currently I'm building Velocity 173 F/G Elite.
Jeff Baker from Velocity have told me about the Velocity Reflector.
He said that I can ask questions if I get on the Velocity Reflector.
My DMO# is 3FE029.

I want to ask a question about the finishing materials for the Velocity.
There are several fillers listed in the Spruce catalog, such as feather
filler, superfil and smooth prime from Poly_Fiber and Sterling Primer.
I want to know which one is the best, or there might be better ones which
are not listed in Spruce catalog.
The cost does not matter.

Sterling Primer seems to be quite good.
Can Sterling Primer give UV protection?

I'll really appreciate your reply.
Sincerely Yours.

Eung Tai Kim
Aircraft Division  
Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Yoo-Sung P.O.Box 113
Taejon, 305-600, South Korea
Phone) 82-42-860-2345                  Fax) 82-42-860-2006