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 Oddly Enough                           Updated 11:07 AM ET April 21, 199=

Plane loaded with marijuana crashes                   More Oddly Enough
DETROIT (Reuters) - A pilot flying a plane loaded    Three hanged for
with marijuana apparently ran out of gas and was     murder; TV shows
trying to find a place to land when he was killed    preparations
in a crash Sunday in a Detroit school playground,    Look who's changing
police said.                                         the guard...

Customs agents who were trailing the plane           Turkey in the Straw:
videotaped it as it flipped over while trying to     A form of torture?
make an emergency landing in Detroit.                Notable Quotes

The pilot was identified as Douglas Dufresne, 66,    Florida man arrested
of Indialantic, Fla. Officials found 400 pounds      for 1975 murder in
of marijuana in the wreckage.                        Hawaii
                                                     Plane loaded with
Three planes from the U.S. Customs Service in        marijuana crashes
Texas had tracked the single engine craft since      Schools to go
early Sunday morning after a park ranger in Big      vegetarian for Linda
Bend National Park spotted it crossing the border    McCartney
from Mexico.
                                                     Microsoft's Gates
Police said Dufresne apparently ran out of gas       hits technical
after a 1,400-mile journey. He appeared to have      hitches of his own
been looking for a place to land when he clipped     Cyprus Easter binge
trees and plowed into the grass between baseball     lands hundreds in
fields in back of the Noble Middle School on the     hospital
west side of Detroit.                                Inventor scents
                                                     victory over smelly
Witnesses at the scene said two people took bags     feet
full of pot and cash before police arrived.
                                                     Marijuana thrives on
Customs agents said they do not know where           roadside
Dufresne was headed but they had received            Drunken driver fined
clearance from Canadian officials to continue the    for ramming Santa
pursuit into Canada.                                 sled

Florida man arrested for 1975 murder in Hawaii       Boxer's home
(Previous story)                                     ransacked during
Schools to go vegetarian for Linda McCartney         title fight
(Next story)
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