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Re: Velocity New builder.

In a message dated 98-04-21 17:26:26 EDT, you write:

<< Dear Relector Group,
 I am a new purchaser of an XL RG with fast build wings.  I am mounting
 the rudders and ailerons now.  Just wanted to let you know how excited I
 am to be a part of the group and the adventure.
 Sugggestions at my stage are welcome.
  Rene' Dugas
 Monroe, La. >>

Hi and welcome Rene'

I know of where you are. One day on the middle of sanding on my canard, I
stepped back and looked at where I was, remembered that other flying
Velocities were once very much in the same way and thought to myself that all
I have to do is persevere and one day I too would have a beautiful plane.

Good luck, best wishes and don't forget to call upon you new friends...us.

Dale Alexander
173 RGE
DMO 404

By the way, the Velocity out at West has full length rudders. A nice
modification if you haven't done so yet. Gives more authority al landing