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New Mexico Trip Maintenance: Starter, Ivo Motor, & Nose Wheel

Judy and I put about 25 hours of flying time on our Velocity during our 
New Mexico trip. We had a great time with fellow Velocity builders Lino 
Moya and Gary Simpson, but we ran into three maintenance problems that 
you may want to take note of. The homemade Pat Goodman starter leaked oil 
gig time, our Ivo motor failed, and we burned off rubber from our nose 

Ok, here is what I have learned so far.

Franklin "Pat Goodman" starter:

I brought my starter down to Scott Swing. If you take yours apart, you 
can see where Pat Goodman placed black silicone sealant in an attempt to 
stop oil from leaking into the stater. The silicone will work for a 
while, but eventually it will allow oil into the starter!

Upon examination, Scott determined that the oil was leaking between the 
housing and the bearing. I cleaned out the old silicone and Scott placed 
a thin film of structural adhesive on the inside wall of the housing. We 
carefully placed the bearing back in, cleaned out any excess from the 
face, and allowed to cure prior to reassembly. Scott said that besides 
structural adhesive, just about any two part epoxy sholud work, even JB 
Weld. The goal is to stop the oil from leaking out past the bearing 
(outside edge of bearing and housing). It is real obvious when you take 
it apart.

The starter is back on my engine. After about 10 hours of use, I'll 
remove it, disassemble it and check for any oil. Scott is 95% sure that 
this will work! I'll let you know once I've tested it with 10 hours of 

Ivo Prop Motor:

After another motor failure (motor runs, but prop blades do not turn), I 
sent my motor to Ivo for inspection. Ivo told me that the motor 
subcontractor goofed and had one soft gear with all other gears the 
hardened steel. Thus just the vibration of the prop turning would grind 
away the soft gear.

The only way to know if you have this same "goof" on your new Ivo motor 
is to wait and see if it happens to you, or send it back to Ivo for 

Ivo also told me that he is expecting a fix to the brushes wearing out in 
25 hours.

I was going to have my plane at Sun n Fun (Velocity booth), but my Ivo 
motor did not arrive on time!

Nose Wheel Tire:

What is that smell? At take off, we started noticing a rubber burning 
smell. Taking off in NM, all the airports were above 5,000 ft (one at 
9,000 ft). Thus our takeoff roll was longer. Our nose tire was hitting 
the gear leg and the nylock nut. When we got home, Scott gave me a lower 
profile nylock nut and had me remove about 1/8" off the gear leg thread. 
This now gives me a gap of about 1/4" between the tire and the nut/gear 
leg. Remember that that nylock nut can only be used once. If you remove 
it, you either need to drill for a set screw or use a brand new nylock 

That's it for now!


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