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mhadley1@juno.com wrote:
> All,
> If you have the weighed figures for your aircraft, please post them. I
> think that it will only take a few posting to show that the "thumb nail"
> weights will actually be pretty broad.
> 600 - 700 lbs for the mains, under 100 for the nose.  Ideally 600 - 650
> on the mains, 75 on the nose. But is it an XL or a Std FG? Big
> difference!
> First, I want to review a few things about doing a weight a balance. It
> is real close to being critical that the aircraft is flight level while
> weighing it. Also, make sure that all of the interior, equipment, etc.
> that is going to stay in the plane virtually every flight ,is in the
> plane when you weigh it. This includes items such as the ELTand Fire
> Extiquisher. For your first flight, you may weigh the plane while it is
> in primer. Once the plane is painted, I recommend that you reweigh the
> plane to get an accurate EW (empty weight). If you paint, or your painter
> is like the guy at work who shoots the white primer paint into the molds,
> you could add 15 to 20 pounds to the plane easy!
>  A couple of figures that are critical in really understanding and
> appreciating these weights is the "arm" of where the weight is taken
> (position in inches of the axle center(s) of the main and nose gear from
> the nose of the airplane ).Generally, the nose gear arm is around 30"
> while the main gear arm is around 129"  - 130". If two airplanes have
> identical weights on the mains, but the arm is 2 inches different, empty
> CG is going to be a lot different.
> I too would be interested in the figures that I hope will be posted. For
> grins I will try to get the numbers on the planes at work (N81VA and
> N97XL).
> Typically, 1275 to 1400 lbs has been the range for EW. EW CG has been
> around the 126 - 127 inch area. With 170 lb pilot and 20 gals of fuel,
> this generally brings the aircraft into the rear of the flight CG box.
> Looking forward to hearing about you aircraft W&B,
> Martin
While we're at it, how about fuel capacity. The only thing I've seen is 
65 gals for STD wing, 75 gals for 173. What about the Std or Elite
and/or RG? Let's have actual. Also XL, XL RG, XL opt. tank, XL RG opt. 

Let's see -- That's 10 altogether.

Carl Hoffman

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