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Just a follow-up on the oil temp / oil line post a while back.

We replaced the oil lines in the airplane purely as a preventative
maintenence procedure. After all, they were 13 years old and, contrary to
one of my earlier postings, were not encased in heat shrink like we have
been recommending for a year or two. (See the appendix - Engine
installation Kit of the new manuals).

First, little or no chaffing was observed on the lines. No visible stress
fractures or 'cat scratches' due to heat and vibration were noticed.
After removing them and inspecting them closely, it was decided that we
had just wasted a good hour! No, actually, we were glad to do this. We
installed new lines with the heat shrink, replaced several automotive
flare fittings and nuts on the original ones with good AN aircraft flare
fittings and nuts.

Our cruise oil temps are about 5 degrees lower than they use to be! The
gauge use to read about 195, now it is 190. Could it be that we do get
some insulating properties from the heat shrink? We are chaulking the
temperature drop to less friction in the new lines...(sounds good doesn't
it!?) Time will tell.

Safe and Speedy Construction,


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