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Re: Pressure Switches

Dave Black wrote:
> > My Personal opinion? It is just one more thing in the panel to draw my
> > attention from the really important things that my staying airborne are
> > dependent on. Oil pressure for one!
> >
> > What the heck...I'll flog this horse one more time...why not have an SWR
> > meter the panel so that you continually know what the status is of your
> > radio? Just a thought!
> Martin,
> When I was installing my hydraulic system I remember Duane saying he did not
> recommend a gauge in the panel either, and for pretty much the same reason. It's
> distracting, and if the system works, it works. I followed his advice and have
> been quite happy with the results. In my case, only small adjustments to the
> pressure switches were needed to make the gear function properly.
> Good analogy. How many builders EVER check the SWR on their antennas?
> Dave Black
SWR?  At least 4 that I know personally and I do have a built in
transmit checker its called the low fuel warning light (the external

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