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Re: Pressure Switches

> My Personal opinion? It is just one more thing in the panel to draw my
> attention from the really important things that my staying airborne are
> dependent on. Oil pressure for one!
> What the heck...I'll flog this horse one more time...why not have an SWR
> meter the panel so that you continually know what the status is of your
> radio? Just a thought!


When I was installing my hydraulic system I remember Duane saying he did not
recommend a gauge in the panel either, and for pretty much the same reason. It's
distracting, and if the system works, it works. I followed his advice and have
been quite happy with the results. In my case, only small adjustments to the
pressure switches were needed to make the gear function properly.

Good analogy. How many builders EVER check the SWR on their antennas?

Dave Black