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Matco brakes?

I'm installing my wheels and brakes this week.  I've finally focused on
the difficulty of removing the pads from the Matco brake assembly.  I
assume I will need to do this often over the long and happy life of my
flying airplane, especially since differential braking is also the
steering mechanism.  

I talked to Duane yesterday and he explained how they provide the best
stopping to price ratio.  This sounds like a good reason to go with this
choice.  He also mentioned that some of you have switched to Cleveland

My question: If I decide to switch over to Cleveland sometime in the
future, is the hole pattern the same for the axle connection?  Have you
found any weight advantage for the equivalent assembly?  The Clevelands
that go on the 182 are considerably lighter than our Matcos.

Bill Schweitzer
San Jose
std RGE

ps: from all the mention of tax prep time getting in the way of building
(me too) can we expect a deluge of Reflector traffic in the next week?