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RE: Engine chioce

I purchased a Lycoming TO-360C1A6D for my airplane off an 74 AeroCommander. 
 The engine has been overhauled now by Don George (highly recommended) and 
sits shrink wrapped next to my airplane here in Kansas City.  It has not 
flown yet in a Velocity so I do not know about cooling or performance or 
fire prevention or actual weight and balance yet.... But these are the 

I do know that:

1. I had to have 1-1/2" cut off the "fuel servo elbow" (it's a carburated 
engine, though) to bring the carb (runs parallel to the firewall and sits 
higher than the bottom of the engine) closer to the engine.

2. I had Velocity modify their standard engine mount to be 2" deeper and 
moved one of the cross member 2" to clear the turbo.

3. It does fit on the back of the airplane and the cowling remains intact 
except for a few small bumps to clear the aft cylinders (should be about 
the size of cigarette packs).

4. The turbo sits level with the jugs, forward of the engine close to the 
pilot's wing root.  Heat in this area, especially after landing, is a big 
concern to me.

5. The engine uses a single case mag, is somewhat rare, and hence parts are 
more expensive.

6. The weight and balance numbers work out with 20lbs of ballast in the 
nose and a MT prop, and stay within the "factory recommended" cg range. 
 From what I understand, the 540 version uses a wooden prop and pushes the 
cg limit.

You can see some old pictures at:
and I will try to scan some newer ones in the next day or two.