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Engine chioce

To: Fellow Velocitites

I am a new communicator on the reflector.  My 173 Elite FG is about 1/2
completed, 75% remaining.  I am in the middle of making a decision on an
engine and need to buy one this summer so I have been very intersted in
the recent correspondence.  I have a particular requirement.  I will be
flying in and out of Granby, CO (GNB) which is at 8200 feet.  Initially,
I had hoped to use the turbo charged Delta Hawk Diesel but my hopes are
fading fast...  I have located a Lycoming 360 Turbo but I am told by
Velocity that it will not fit and that I would not get it to work
properly.  My current choice is the Franklin.  Brian will not be at
Sun-N-Fun this year but he may be able to respond to this or perhaps
someone else has some advice.  Thanks for input.  Jerry Teitsma