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Re: Pressure Switches and Air yucks

Al Gietzen wrote :
>>>good pressure guage to measure pressures on both high and low
side.  I found that the hi side pressure at pump turnoff was about 1125
psi and on the low side it ended up at 850 psi.<<<

Pardon my dumb questions as I've not fully reviewed in detail my RG
plans yet and frankly I'm rather hydraulically challenged ( & I don't
mean I need to find a head real quick).  and Naahhh, I'm not expecting
any answers, just another good Reflector lesson.

Question: is the good pressure gauge Great, or good as in
good/better/best?   I'm just a little suspicious about pressure guages
as my main experience is with cheapo air guages...3 guages will likely
give you 3 different readings.   K-Mart's invariably reads different
than the $1.89 one I got at Gas & Snack and the flea market one is way

Calibration: do you check your tools like you'd check your oil temp
sending unit ?   What different hydraulic systems has it tested and with
what different types of fluids (is it contaminated ) ?

Is the test hook-up intrusive in a way that the hook-up itself can
distort the operational harmony of the system (and test results) ?
Are your fluids factory spec ?
Is your tubing factory spec ?
Are the loads on the gear factory spec ?
Friction in the rectract mechanisms ?
Are all angles of leverage factory spec ?
Is the system bled properly ?
De-burr all your flanges properly ?
Got a little fleck of dirt aluminum or aluminum in there ?
A couple drops of water ?
Try flushing it out ?
Was it operated at hot/cold temp extremes during tests ?
Did you wear safety glasses ?  
Are there any secrets to prepping switches like boiling in hot fluid for
10 minutes b/4 installation ?
Did you turn the screws FAR enough to adjust switch response ?
Have you verified readings against a borrowed guage (like the factory's
or Jean's if you're in their neck of the woods) ? 
Reviewed all KPC's ?
Got a valve in backwards, left out an o-ring ?
Are the switchs really the rite part numbers ?  Made on Monday ?
Did vendor replace or re-calibrate ?
Do we know/trust the vendor (no offense)?
Does Vendor make his own switches, re-sell other's parts, gone oversees
to stay competitve ?
Are the switches from the same source as when factory began purchasing ?
Are switches from same batch as factory installed/tested parts or from
batchs 3 years apart ?
What's shelf life and liabilities of the switches when stored in
hi-humid/corrosive atmosphere before installation ?
Do switches meet min/max range tests by Vendor but maybe lose a little
precision across mid-range operation ? 
Is the guage showing ksi instead of psi (kilos per sq inch .. altho to
make sense a kilo reading might be kpc - centimeter or whatever)? 2.2
kilos = 1 lb ?

Having asked these questions, I don't feel so bad about being so dumb ! 
That's a lot of stuff !

Air yucks: About that Runway Road Kill incident:  I can't say I
witnessed it, but I'm pretty sure I flew out on Continental the next
day. Glad you're spirits are back up again LC.  Thanks for the yucks:
I'm up to my bald spot in Taxes (wonder why things are so quiet lately?)
and needed the laugh !

Jeff Barnes 
aahhh 800 hours going on 2000 it seems !