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Re: [canard-aviators] Wing Attach Bolts

  As I fill and sand my Velocity I remove and reinstall the wings quite a
lot. The two outboard attach bolts are aligned vertically and I made up a
plate from 3/16" aluminum to capture both bolt heads yet still allow them to
be knocked out for removal. I just located the hole centers, drilled for the
bolt diameter, traced the heads with a scribe. Then I opened out the holes
with a saber saw and file. There should be some play- how much would depend
on how tight your bushings fit. I chamfered the outer face of the hex holes
about 1/16" deep so that a misaligned bolt head would rotate and slip in. I
glued the head washer in place with some Alpha Poxy milled glass, keeping it
centered on the bushing hole. (I found that if the washer is fixed and near
the edge of the hole it can nick the bolt). Then the plate is glued into
position. I have also discovered that bolt heads are not necessarily
symmetrical. In cases where this is a problem I mark the plate and bolt head
with matching lines.
  I also made up a pair of specialized sawhorses for each wing to keep it at
the proper position for installation. They happen to be at the right height
so the underside of the wing is horizontal when the winglet tip is on the
ground. With these and the plates I can install and torque a wing solo in
less than 1/2 hour.
  -Bill Wade
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>Dick:  Berkut has an interesting solution to the wing bolt problem. A
>bracket is installed to capture the bolt head, which keeps it from
>turning or moving forward.  In this way a wing can be removed with only
>one person in attendance.
>Verne "Catman" Simon
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>>Hi Gary,
>>This does not really address your question, but I will send it along
>>anyway. I had a little problem getting on to the hex heads of my wing
>>attach bolts so I replaced them with a set of allen head aircraft bolts
>>from Wicks, and the change worked out real well.
>>PS If there is any interest in the bolt part Numbers, I will dig deeper.
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