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Re: Fuses

Jim Agnew writes:

>Martin, let's all get on the same page.  
>Therefore, you must have a switch in series with the PTC to reset it so
there is no >functional difference between the "pullable circuit

So now I need 28 PTC's and switches? If I read the schematic correctly,
the switch needs to have the current capability of the PTC. 

I would consider using PTC's for the Ldg, Nav, Strobe, Pitot, and Fuel
pump circuits, because I already have panel switches for these. But I
still lose the capability of electively removing power at the power
distribution source. 

I have already admitted to being a dinasuor of sorts. When I see them
loading 767's, Lear 55's and Piper Warriors full of PTC's, then I'll
convert. These folks are the ones who really have to watch out for law
suits and really have to build a safer plane. For both fuel and
electrical systems, I'll recommend what they generally use. 


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