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Re: Engines

On Sat, 11 Apr 1998 16:28:07 -0700 (PDT) David Doshay <ddoshay@cisco.com>
>Considering all the changes this engine will cause has brought my 
>project to a complete halt.
>Right now I am not sure if it will power the Velocity I am building or
not. I hope so, but >I am not about  to underestimate the quantity of
work which will be required to make
>everything work correctly. 

David...and all,

Experimenting in any area of aircraft manufacturing is limited by only a
few factors. Your imagination, your understanding of what it takes to
make things work and the resulting effects it has on other systems, and
your ability to execute the mechanics necessary to successfully bring to
fruition the first two factors. Anything less than three out of these
three means you HAVE to get some outside help, or abandon the
'experiment'...unless your willing to bet your life on your inadequacies.

I am greatly impressed by your statement "Considering all of the changes
this engine will cause has brought my project to a complete halt." It
says to me you work on the 5P principle (Proper Planning Prevents Poor
Performance). You are definitely on the right track from what I have read
so far. I would encourage you, once you have done the 'napkin'
engineering, estimated W&B changes, estimated cooling requirements, etc.,
have somebody with a good aviation background (preferably in both
certified and experimental aircraft) go over your ideas.

Regarding your comment "...I am not sure if it will power the
Velocity...", keep in mind the original Velocity was built with a 180 HP
Lyc IO360. Since I have lunch with Danny quite often, I have heard him
say on more than one occasion the airplane should fly quite well with
less HP. 

Knowing nothing of your background or experience, I would say you are
approaching the joy and rewards of experimental building with the right
attitude. Best of luck!


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