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Engine choice.

To: Undecided,

My choice was the Franklin engine and here's why.  The Velocity Factory supplies two engine install kits.  One for the Lycoming IO-360 and one for the Franklin.  Both of these installations have factory support and neither are a "work in progress".  PZL in Poland has shown a willingness to supply parts and support directly and manages a faster turn around than Pat Goodman.  A rebuilt IO-360 from Lycoming cost as much as a brand new Franklin and has 20 less horsepower.

Want to buy a good used IO-360?  How good?  How do you know how good?  Nobody logs shock cooling cycles.  Everything that should be logged in the engine log sometimes doesn't get logged.  Sometimes you don't even get a log book.  Let's say the log shows that the engine is 1000 hours since rebuild and 400 since top end.  I'd wonder why a 2000 hour TBO engine needed a top end after 600 hours, wouldn't you? Enough said.

If I had it to do over I would not buy my engine from Atlas Motors (aka Pat Goodman).  Brian is an unknown quantity.  True, but to the best of my knowledge he hasn't screwed anyone yet.  Brian tells me that he will sell engines that come from the factory with accessories installed by the factory.  This in combination with the Velocity install kit makes this a turn key system.

The fact is that all the accessories that PZL installs on the Franklin are made in the USA not Poland.  You never have to depend on PZL for service or replacement.

Larry Coen