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Re: Franklin Fuel Pumps.

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998 09:44:18 -0700 (MST) ncalvin@primenet.com (nate
calvin) writes:
>Just a thought, but worth concidering:

>"To anybody who has had a problem with the Farnklin fuel pump, did you
use the JeffCO epoxy lining in the fuel tanks?  It is quite possible the
fuel is "leaching" a small amount of residue from the EZ-epoxy and
rendering the check valves in the fuel pump useless." "I too opted for
JeffCo Epoxy to insure that any future fuel additives would not
comprimise the integrity of my fuel tanks and would higly recomend it to
anybody else."
>Let me know what you think!


What do I think? I think it is quite possible that you used too much
JeffCo Epoxy in an unventilated area!

Would you care to guess how many Vari-eze's, Long-eze's, Cozy's, etc. are
out there with EZ-epoxy tanks that have NOT rendered fuel pumps and / or
carburetors useless with this " "leaching" small amounts of residue from
the EZ-epoxy...". The valves in the fuel pump(s) that  we are talking
about are approximately 3/8" in diameter. Why wouldn't we see needle
valves, check valves smaller than the size of BB's in the accelerator
pumps, and orifices the size of pins in any number of carburetors
rendered inoperable or useless?

Second, I cannot believe your reasoning makes any sense based on the time
frames we have had between failure. Most all of these engines and
airframes (i.e. Simon's) have very little time on them. If the hypothesis
is the resin has been breaking down since the initial introduction of
fuel to the tanks, why aren't there literally thousands of fiberglass
tanks out there leaking profusely as we speak?

While I concede your first statement was "Just a thought...", I'm not
sure how well thought out your comments were before you potentially
instilled a fear in many unsuspecting builders of 'You mean my tanks
might deteriorate if I don't slosh my tanks with JeffCo Epoxy?'.


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