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Re: Engines

> Everything I've read says the
>engine itself is good--now if someone can solve the accesory problems,
>the installation problems and provide some assurance of long term
>support this may be a super engine.

That is exactly the point, the accessories I mean. The installation problem
that led to the high temperature problem is solved IMO, thanks to the
efforts of Rick Lavoie.

The accessories "problem" really is not a genuine Franklin problem. People
who went for the Franklin with everything installed are people like myself,
who didn't want to fool around with rebuilding and all the accessories,
people who were looking for a precooked, ready made installation. What they
got was a complete screw up by Pat Goodman. It is unbelieveble how this guy
could ruin the attempts to right an unjustly bad reputation of this engine.
I like the engine, but as the recent experience by Rick Lavoie shows, we
may have to replace or at least reinstall each and every accessory. (Did I
hear class action suit?)

Good luck and best wishes

Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland