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Re: Engines

> IO-360-  Reliable and plentiful,   but the lowest HP choice of the lot.  
> Franklin-  Sounds great!,  but I am a little leary about starting with a brand
> new distributor  ( No offense Brian,  I still might,  I just like to be
> careful,  with my money, and my flying) 

No offense taken.  Keep me in mind though.

> IO-540    Mel Ball is flying one of these.  And I have a great source on this
> engine,  but I have not yet heard any info on this installation. 

> Subaru-  I know,  I know, many people are die hard against auto-engine
> conversions, and there are good reasons for that.  There is a guy in my town
> building a V, with a Subaru engine.  He is not yet flying nor does he even
> have the engine installed.   Some areas of the Subaru installation sound very
> promising, some I'm not so sure.. 
> This is my first build,  so I don't feel like being an engine test case,  so I
> look to you folks for a little info.   ( besides,  time to get away from this
> reflector list bull) 

Also, make sure that you will be able to get insurance if you
go this route.

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