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It is coming down to the point where I need to make an engine decision.  (
which one to use).  I fly at High density altitude all the time so I need as
much HP as I can get.  here are my choices..

IO-360-  Reliable and plentiful,   but the lowest HP choice of the lot.  
Franklin-  Sounds great!,  but I am a little leary about starting with a brand
new distributor  ( No offense Brian,  I still might,  I just like to be
careful,  with my money, and my flying) 

IO-540    Mel Ball is flying one of these.  And I have a great source on this
engine,  but I have not yet heard any info on this installation. 

Subaru-  I know,  I know, many people are die hard against auto-engine
conversions, and there are good reasons for that.  There is a guy in my town
building a V, with a Subaru engine.  He is not yet flying nor does he even
have the engine installed.   Some areas of the Subaru installation sound very
promising, some I'm not so sure.. 

This is my first build,  so I don't feel like being an engine test case,  so I
look to you folks for a little info.   ( besides,  time to get away from this
reflector list bull) 

Thanks all,  and have fun!!.  

Kurt Winker
173 FGE