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RE: A different Fuse

Laurence W. Coen wrote:
>>...acts faster on overload and can be reset in a fraction of a second.  

	Sounds like a cool device, but isn't the TIME that a circuit breaker
uses to "trip" one of the parameters used in choosing certain breakers
	IE: "slow-blo" versus "instant-blo" breakers obviously accomodate a
varying amount of give-and-take in the circuitry it protects. (pardon my
use of "fuse" terminology, I'm definitely NOT a wire-head...I've bought
the required Radio Shack Basic Electronics manual but haven't read it

	Eager to hear from Martin on this one, as I haven't heard much about
these on this or Canrd-Aviators forum and can only guess there's a good
reason we're still using good old fashion circuit breakers.  

	As for resetting in a fraction of a second, I don't think I'm that fast
!  I like the red/green light, but would prefer a red/no light for nite
flying/canopy reflection reasons.

	Also, any statistics on life-expectancy, corrosive degradation, etc ?

Thanks for an interesting post & I'm looking forward to lively feedback
on this !  

Jeff Barnes
XL-RG N411JB just a-buildin