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Re: Franklin Fuel Pumps.

Just a thought, but worth concidering:

To anybody who has had a problem with the Farnklin fuel pump, did you use
the JeffCO epoxy lining in the fuel tanks?  It is quite possible the the
fuel is "leaching" a small amount of residue from the EZ-epoxy and rendering
the check valves in the fuel pump useless.  The reason I say this is that
out of all the people that I know who have installed Franklin Motors from
Atlas the only ones that have reported a problem with the pumps are Velocity
installations.  The others have either aluminum fuel tanks or have lined
their tanks with JeffCo.  I too opted for JeffCo Epoxy to insure that any
future fuel additives would not comprimise the integrity of my fuel tanks
and would higly recomend it to anybody else. 

Let me know what you think!

Nate Calvin