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Lycoming Bible (Condensed Version)

This should be of interest to anyone using or considering using a Lycoming
This "Bible" actually called the "Lycoming Flyer Key Reprints" book is 100
pagesof almost 100 articles that were and mostly still are the "Official
Company Policy and Information" from the Lycoming factory. 
These articles answer almost every question or "old wives tale" you may
have heard about these engines. One article is actually titled "A Review of
Old Wives Tales".
Other interesting articles include "Questions to Ask the Engine Modifier",
"The "Same Engine"Myth",  "Leaning Textron Lycoming Engines".   "More on
Cylinder Head Temperature", etc, etc. 
How do you get this gold mine of information and what does it cost????
Call Lycoming at (717) 327-7278 or Fax 327-7022 and ask them to send you a
copy if you afford the price which is ----------ABSOLUTELY FREE.
Please don't everyone call at once, try to wait a little if you can as we
do not want to give the secretary a heart attack.
See you at Sun-N-Fun. 
Don White  N19DW