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Re: Elite

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<< Bill Torres, Richmond, VA
 STD RG (strongly considering Elite conversion) >>

Bill; I have been flying my STD RG for over three years.  I have the uni-door
because the elite was not available (1989).  My dad loves to fly with me in
it, and he is 75.  We went to Oshkosh last year from Calif.  I feel bad when
he climbs in with the uni-door.  No matter what, he will sit in the front
right, and has to go through some gymnastics to get thier.  I wish I had the
Elite doors.  Not only for him, but others you may want to take down the road
may not be able to maneuver into the right seat.  Not every one is as agile as
us :-).  I think the Elite doors realllllly made the velocity "user friendly".
!!!!!! DO IT !!!!!!