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Re: Another big adventure in our Velocity

lavoie wrote:
> Judy, Darla (our Springer Spaniel) and I are off for another big flying
> adventure in our Velocity. We plan on leaving St. Augustine Thursday or
> Friday (best weather day). Our tentative plans (subject to weather) are
> as follows:
> - Jackson Hole, WY (2 nights)
> - Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC Canada (3 nights)
> - Monterey, CA (1 night)
> - Sedona, AZ (1 night)
> - Albuquerque, NM (2 nights)
> It looks to be about 30 hours of flight time (depending on winds), and
> just about 5,000 NM! The weather will have to be just right for us to
> accomplish all this in just 10 days! So flexibility is our key word.
> The airplane has been flying just great. With about 150 hours logged to
> date, this will be our biggest "shake down" flight! Wish us luck!
> Rick
> Rick Lavoie
> rick@lavoiegraphics.com
> Check out our Web Site lavoiegraphics.com

Way to go Rick !

	You asked for it, so Good Luck !  And thanks for the inspiration!  I
look forward to the cliff-notes or Oshkosh banquest recital when you get
back !  Have a safe one & watch out for Elk on your runways. 

Jeff Barnes