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Another big adventure in our Velocity

Judy, Darla (our Springer Spaniel) and I are off for another big flying 
adventure in our Velocity. We plan on leaving St. Augustine Thursday or 
Friday (best weather day). Our tentative plans (subject to weather) are 
as follows:

- Jackson Hole, WY (2 nights)
- Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC Canada (3 nights)
- Monterey, CA (1 night)
- Sedona, AZ (1 night)
- Albuquerque, NM (2 nights)

It looks to be about 30 hours of flight time (depending on winds), and 
just about 5,000 NM! The weather will have to be just right for us to 
accomplish all this in just 10 days! So flexibility is our key word.

The airplane has been flying just great. With about 150 hours logged to 
date, this will be our biggest "shake down" flight! Wish us luck!


Rick Lavoie

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