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Re: Incidence jigs

>Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 07:42:23 +1100
>From:gpoole@zeta.org.au (Mr Greg Poole)
>Subject:Re: Incidence jigs
>Martin H. said:
>>I, too, am amazed at how much warpage the 1" square wood beams sustain
>>over a relatively short period of time.
>Given this, and the emphasised importance of getting these angles right,
>is there no simple measurment that can be provided so that us new (or
>old!) builders can check whether our jigs have warped or require
>>It should be noted though for both new builders and those who haven't
>>done it yet, in the manual it does say that as soon as you get your
>>incidence jigs to outline them on the wall or a piece of paper or
>>someplace so that they can be checked for errors later on.
>Agree, but after an ocean trip in a shipping container and delay before
>they arrive down here, I want to be confident that our jigs are accurate.
>I am more than happy to substitute the aluminium for the wood but request
>confirmation of jig angles.
>Thanks for your interest in this area.

Greg Poole (Rearing an infant Shortwing RG Elite down under)