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Re: Incidence jigs

Martin H. said:
>I, too, am amazed at how much warpage the 1" square wood beams sustain
>over a relatively short period of time.

Given this, and the emphasised importance of getting these angles right, is
there no simple measurment that can be provided so that us new (or old!)
builders can check whether our jigs have warped or require adjustment?

>It should be noted though for both new builders and those who haven't
>done it yet, in the manual it does say that as soon as you get your
>incidence jigs to outline them on the wall or a piece of paper or
>someplace so that they can be checked for errors later on.

Agree, but after an ocean trip in a shipping container and delay before
they arrive down here, I want to be confident that our jigs are accurate. I
am more than happy to substitute the aluminium for the wood but request
confirmation of jig angles.

Thanks for your interest in this area.

Greg Poole (Rearing an infant Shortwing RG Elite down under)