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Incidence jigs


I, too, am amazed at how much warpage the 1" square wood beams sustain
over a relatively short period of time.

It should be noted though for both new builders and those who haven't
done it yet, in the manual it does say that as soon as you get your
incidence jigs to outline them on the wall or a piece of paper or
someplace so that they can be checked for errors later on.
If you would want to, once you have marked the outline down, replace the
1" square wood with a piece of box aluminum. Then all you have to worry
about is running it over!

Safe and speedy construction!


FYI...The jig used at the factory used to make the incidence jigs with is
nailed to the side of the wall. It uses a couple of thickness of plywood
cut it the cross sectional shape of the leading edge and of the trailing
edge. These have been secured to the wall so that when your leading edge
piece and trailing edge piece is in place, the 1" square piece can be
attached to the two pieces and the level glued into place to give an
accurate angle of incidence. Possibly duplicating the wall mounted jig to
store your fixtures on could be of some help.

Let's keep in mind, with only a few degrees difference between the two
angles, a half of a degree becomes a pretty large error percentage wise.
Make sure those bubbles are centered!

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