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Re: Autopilot


You might want to check their published performance specs before you buy.
While I must admit the altitude (+/- 50 feet) is not too bad, their bank
angle has an advertised accuracy of +/- 10 degrees. 

With numbers like that, I am inclined to believe that the +/- 50 foot
number for altitude hold is in smoo-o-o-th air with a pitch stable

While the price is attractive($600 -$800 I believe), bang for the buck
may be more like a rocky and bumpy ride for the buck. This may be why the
company is hard to keep track off (location wise) and their after-sale
support has the reputation that has been reported. Of course, if all that
is desired is a smooth air autopilot, then this may be the ticket. I, for
one, would want an autopilot that can fly the plane when the air is not
so smooth and I need time to release the grip while I am checking charts
and doing other flight related tasks. The Navaid ($1300) does nothing
more than keep my wings level, but it'll do it in air that is not so
smooth. Which means I don't have to be concerned so much with doing a
half roll while folding a chart.

Food for thought.


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