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N6Q's Phase I flight restriction flown off

Today, I finished flying off N6Q's restrictions!!  Now it on to some
serious travel.  The followint are some notes which may be of some

Sparrow Strainer -- On my last test flight, I removed the "sparrow
stainer".  I like the flight handling much better without it.  Also, its
removal solved the lack of up trim.

Speed/performance - Things are looking a bit better.  At 9500 ft, 10C oat,
2700rpm & 21.2" today the corrected air speed was 176kts.  In time, it
will do better!  NO doubt I am loosing a bunch of speed to canard trim
drag.  But I need to think a bunch about a fix before I act.  For now, I
am just going to burn fuel.

Temperatures -- The Franklin runs cool except for hard climbs.  But even
in climbs both oil and Cyl temps are still acceptable.  However, I thought
my Cyl temperature were too low so I went looking for measurement errors. 
First, I tested the RMI micro monitor CHT's in boiling water.  They
indicated 90C or 10C too low.  Then, I filled the thermocouple wells with
heat transfer joint compound (the white grease).  That raised several of
the low cylinder temperatures.  I speculate heat was wicked up the lead
reducing sensor temperature.  Also, I installed additional thermocouples
under the top and bottom plugs of cylinder #1.  The results for the above
flight are: #1-110C, #2-140C, #3-110C, #4-110, #5-130C, &#6-110C.  The
additional thermocouples on the top and bottom cyl #1 plug read both 167C.
 I expected a difference top to bottom.  But the reading was nearly
identical.  Further, I expected the top of the head (at the spark plug) to
be hotter.  But 57C hotter supervises me.  Then again, the thermal well is
much lower on the head and down where there is a bunch of fin area.

IVO prop -- I partially dissambled the prop and found no problems.  But 25
hours is not much of a test.  Time will tell

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