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Re: Computerized A/C

> >I've downloaded the navaid database from the NFDC (National
> >Flight Data Center).  
> According to the people that wrote the GTE DUAT system, the raw data
> obtained from the Govt. contains too many errors to trust your life to.
> Apparently all the commercial vendors spend a significant amount of time
> correcting errors which contributes to the price. I had verified this from
> the raw tapes I had obtained about two years ago. I do not know if the
> situation has improved. This does not imply that the data is useless just
> that you should take that possibility into account for any intended use of
> the data.

Thanks for the notice.  Hopefully one of these days the quality will
be there.  At the very least my experiment proved that the data is
viable even if it is incorrect.  With the new push to make this 
data freely available, I think it will happen.

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