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Has anyone had Gulfcoast do your Panel and were you pleased?
(I'm reading the Aeroelectric Connection now and the A & P manuel.)
Drop in panel sure sounds good to me.
I am building an Elite RG for IFR with probably S-Tec Autopilot.
Has anyone used the Avidyne PC?
If both oil coolers are mounted in the wing for the IO-540 per Alan's
rec., what choices in cabin electric heat is there?  Or could heat be
routed back up the fuselage conduit tube with outlet for hot air front
and rear floor?
Should the Nav lights' wiring be shielded using a single wire with the
two conductors to avoid interference with the nav and com antennae
mounted in Alan's lovely wings.

Your Experience appreciated,

Rene' Dugas
Elite RG 1998