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Re: Exhaust Augmentation for Water Cooled Engines

David Doshay wrote:
> I have a copy of this article, and the one thing it does not really
> discuss at all is how to design the system. No drawings, no dimensions,
> just a report that it works great.
> >Make me almost wish I had a radiator.
> Figuring out where mine will go is not proving to be a simple task.
> Cheers,
> David

I had page# wrong, it's on page 19 and 20, with good drawing &
dimensions on p19, 2 good pictures on p20, author/builder is Charlie
Alresman (Maryland): you might put a post on Canard-aviator looking for
his email/ph# as I don't have my CSA roster handy.  Also, engine is
small Honda, not rotary, but so scoop/augmenter dimensions would grow to
fit your needs.  Let me know if you can find it, else I can fax, copy it
or maybe scan it (I hate playing with scanners).

Also in same April-97 issue, p28-30 are pictures of Jim Peck's (NM)
Subaru EJ22 LEZ N4706G with radiator parellel to ground, but didn't see
scoop pictures or read info on cooling design - I skimmed it.

Alan's posts here & there also suggest a wing-root cooling system may be
a way to go.

Well have fun & don't get discouraged.  Reflecting on homebuilding, we
can realize that our occasional gross under-estimation of what we've
undertaken to build is irrelevant compared to the vision that enabled us
to attempt it in the first place.

Cheers likewise !
Jeff Barnes
914 679-4600 this week & next