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Re: Autopilot

I'll have to second the Navaid comment.  I have mine coupled to the 
GNC-250XL (gps/com) or the VOR (selector switch).  I almost never use the 
VOR tracking.  The thing works great, I basically don't steer between 
initial climbout and late in the descent when I have to aim for a base or 
downwind leg, instead of the middle of the destination!  Cool.

I am toying with getting an SE-5b just for the altitude hold.  I find 
that even when trimmed, the velocity wants to slowly move around in 
altitude.  Seems that every change in wind or everytime I reach for 
something the pitch changes a little.  Of course, two fingers is all I 
need on the stick to stay within 50 feet of desired altitude.

For SE5b info, try Empire Development at:



Don't know much else about it.

Bob Ginsberg - Velocity N173BG - Big Ape Gyms