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Re: wing / strake incidence

 I like TEC's castor idea- I made a cradle and kept it leveled. I used two
water levels a lot, checking and rechecking numerous points fore, aft and
sideways before I did anything permanent. A laser transit would simplify
things greatly and might be worth the time saved. Maybe just the laser with
a leveled shelf on a wall- ? A concrete floor is a must- at first I was
working on a heavy wood floor and there was noticeable deflection.
  When I received the wing jig I glued and screwed a plywood stiffener along
the beam so that it couldn't warp and throw the level off. I used a plumb
bob to identify the LE at the measuring point (also at other points for
height measurements). My handmade wings had different curvature from the jig
and each other, so I made pencil marks on the jig to keep the same reference
point. Keep the jig vertical and have the tail end at the same point on the
wing each time. The bubbles are easier to see if you hold a sheet of paper
behind the level.
 I don't know if it will fly true but I did everything I could think
..    -Bill