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Once again, I can't offer any help with the guys that have S-Tec or Century
A.P.'s, but you guys that haven't decided yet, and don't need Alt. Hold (nice
thing thou, but the Velocity will "stay") might like to know.  

I have been using the Nav-Aid AutoPiolt for over three years.  I have it
coupled to my Garman 95 GPS via a coupler made to convert the GPS output to
what the Nav-Aid can use.  The thing has worked flawlessly!!  The servo is
hooked of course directly to the aileron, and does not rock at all.  I can
build a route in the GPS (it holds like, 20), get somewhat on course, flip on
the track mode.  It will take over and change heading at each waypoint, and do
it at about 1/3 the cost of the S-Tec 40 (1 axis).  I'm not S-Tec bashing,
it's a Cadilac unit. If Nav-Aid wanted to go after the Certified market, the
price would be up there too, after they got done jumping through the Feds
hoops.  Identify your needs, then shop accordingly.