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Re: N6Q Flight test -- 10 hr status report

>> One of the common errors that has caused slow airspeed and inadequate
>> pitch trim is the difference in incidence of the canard (which is usually
>> out) and the wing.

If it is that critical, then I wonder why the Factory doesn't care more
about it. To wit: Jim and I had another builder come to the hangar who
wanted to check his wing incidence gauge. So, the three of us all put their
gauges on my wing and guess what: each showed something else.

To this inconsistency add the fact that you really can put a Velocity
canard gauge onto a Shaw canard anyway you want. You really need to figure
out what the true chord is and use other means to measure the incidence

Thinking about it: if it were that critical, I wonder why most of us
eventually do fly, considering the tools we have.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland