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Re: N6Q Flight test -- 10 hr status report

On Tue, 09 Jun 98 22:58:28  "Tim Crawford" <crawford@atdd.noaa.gov>

>Trim -- N6Q does not have enough down trim. 

>Speed -- So far, very disappointing But I need to do more top end 


Something to consider...
One of the common errors that has caused slow airspeed and inadequate
pitch trim is the difference in incidence of the canard (which is usually
out) and the wing. Before you spend a lot of time guessing what might be
the problem and attempting to address them, make double sure that your
canard (and wing) incidence is correct. With just a few degrees
difference between the two, even a 1/2 to 1 degree error in the canard
can make a difference. This is one of the few really critical areas of
construction if speed is the quest.
>Regardless, my Long-EZ (N3R) is 10 kts faster with less fuel burn.

How many pounds different in Empty Weight?

>S-Tec auto Pilot -- Out of the box, both pitch and roll work but not 
>well.  In a few days I will start working on the servo and electronic
>gain to fix the auto pilot.
 I will find some resistor values for the roll gain. I believe the S-Tec
has a 15K ohm resistor in it for roll gain and should be replacved with
an 8.2K resistor. I'll confirm and send along the info via the Reflector.

Congrats on the flights!