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Re: Instruments

   Couldn't help but put in 2 cents worth.
  In over 25,000 hours of flying I have never had an electrical failure that
was other than an alternator quitting, or a single item shorting.  I cannot
remember the number of vacuum pumps that have failed,( more than a few) but I
am very thankful for the vacuum loss warning light that I installed on the
Velocity we built.  Twice we have lost the pump, and both times the light
immediately got our attention.  As the times the pump failed we were on
actual, it prevented at least some excitement.
  For the record, I like electric gyros, preferably with a horizontal
situation indicator, and a vacuum turn coordinator for backup.  Don't forget
to carry stickons to cover the failed gyros, they can be very distracting.
AND practice partial panel!!!
               Michael     MTSP@aol.com
               Velocity N355BH and builders assistance shop.