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Re: N6Q Flight test -- 10 hr status report


Thanks for the update!

Regarding trim: in my case, (466MF is a long wing) I am way aft of the c.g.
box if I fly alone. I am 200# and only with 66# of lead at the co pilot's
feet can I move the c.g. into the box.

>ROLL -- The good news is that N6Q flies straight!  There is a slight roll
>tendency to the right.  The standard roll system can just handle it.  When
>time allows, I will increase the AOT of the right wing just a tad.

I saw the same thing and I DID increase the incidence of the right wing and
decrease it on the left. Didn't make a big difference. Then I shimmed my
engine to the left. No change. Finally, I put real strong springs in the
roll trim system. Now it is easy to trim out and it flys hands off.

>COOLING -- With all the discussion/problems on cooling, I over reacted!
>My mods have made N6Q TOO cool

Really baffling (no pun intended). I had exactly the same CHTs before I
made a baffle in the plenum entry ports that directs about half the air
onto the first cylinders. But my oil is 50F hotter than yours. Not sure if
the Florida weather (OAT 95F on the ground, 60s at 9000') accounts for all
of the difference.
>Speed -- So far, very disappointing

I was also a little disappointed, but thought with the new prop (all my
flying so far has been with a 2-blade FP), and the broken in engine I might
gain a little. Here are my calibrated airspeed / fuel burn values (I fly
aggressively lean):

100     3.4
110     4.1
120     4.9
130     5.8
140     6.8
150     8.0
160     9.3
170     10.9

The highest speed flat out I have seen is 176 calibrated at 2780 rpm (this
is near red line RPM) and 7500 ft. This was not quite wide open throttle as
I would have overrevved the engine.
Mike Watson claims 160 INDICATED with 2200/20 at 5500 ft with the short
wing. Hard to believe, but if he says so.

Have you looked at your glide performance? For me that was the most
disappointing test result so far: Best glide (idle, clean) is at 65 KI with
a glide ratio of barely 1:14. (For purists: by "barely" I mean the value of
the denominator <g>) And that is far from max gross weight! From all the
bragging I've heard I expected at least 1:18. Oh, well: if it sounds too
god to be true... Wonder what others are measuring.

Again, thanks or keeping us up to date and good luck for the next 30 hrs!


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland