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Re: Fluid Cooling Experiment

Dennis Martin wrote:

> I am reading a book by Richard Finch on auto conversions. In his article
> on radiators and cooling, he says that a belly scoop like a P-51 is the
> best way to go. No other formulae or graphs or charts.

Off the top of my head I think its 1.62 in front of the radiator to 1.0 behind
to the opening.  Then no deflections greater than 5 degrees (easier said than
done) internally with a very low density high velocity core.  We stole these
numbers from the Germans who figured it out in the late 20's.

> design includes a 1" inlet slot on the low pressure side
> (bottom) of the wing, and 1.5" slot for exhausting hot air on the top.

This setup was derived from what our original tech advisor Ted Yon said would
work best.  Only difference is I didn't mount the opening 1" below the bottom
skin or put a radius on the lip like he had recommended.  His sketch called for
a 12" wide scoop of this nature instead of the arm pit ones.  I think the arm
pit scoops cause a lot more intersection drag and turbulence to the prop but
are much easier to build.