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RE: Instruments

But how long does it take before the gyro is no longer able to provide 
accurate information?  It might still be winding down at the 15 minute 
mark, but usable information might have stopped 10 minutes before.  This I 
would assume will also vary by the gyro, its age, and its quality.

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>Why not just have it be electric to start with.... Because now an
>electrical failure gives you no way to keep the wings level (both gyros 

Most electric gyros have a "wind-down" time that will give you attitude 
even without power.  I've installed all  2.25" instruments including the 
which has a minimum of 15 minutes wind-down.  Most military pilots that 
flown these "peanut gyros" say that the actual time is more like 30 minutes
usable time.  MORE than enough time needed to get out of the crap and on 

Nate Calvin