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Re: Air Scoops

HYTEC45@aol.com wrote:

> Excuse me, but is their something I am missing about this air scoop thing.

Calm down now ...let's be polite.

> The only "problem" with the reflector I see is that when the planes get
> flying, the feflectore stops posting, and goes flying.

I started flying Velocities in 84' and I'm still here!

Hey Dave, you know why Dan and I put the scoops on the bottom?  Because that's
were the pressure is the highest.  The top is in a vacuum especially in a climb
when you need cooling most.  Besides doesn't heat rise?
I've seen scoops work on the top.  By the time they were positioned and sized so
they would work that Velocity looked like Mickey Mouse on steroids.  :)

Have a nice day everbody.   You know I still have fun building airplanes!