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Re: (no subject)

rdugas@bayou.com wrote:

> Dear Builders:
> I am at the point of picking an engine.  It is between the 260 or 300 HP
> Lycoming.  Please list pros and cons and folks flying the 300 HP.

The 300 is 50 heavyer with tighter cooling fins requiring tighter system
with more pressure differential to cool.  At above 8,000' where your
airplane flies best there is not much difference in the hp between the 260
and the 300.  The difference in weight is much more important than precieved

> Fuel
> burn? CG Problems (Alan's note received.)  What cowl mods?  Plenum?
> Different engine mount?  Different propeller extention?

This was in reference to converting a 173 (standard sized fuselage) for a
540.  Your  XL was designed to use the 540.