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Re: Air Scoops


Your question deals with changing what is now up-draft cooling, to the more
conventional down-draft cooling. Down draft is used on virtually every GA
aircraft that I am aware of. The thought of down draft cooling on one of our
canard type crafts has been of interest to a number of fellow canard driverss,
although I know of no-one who actually tested the configuration.

The physics of what goes on inside the cowling of the these aircraft remains
pretty much a mystery, although much discussion has ensued over the years in
pub's like Canard Pusher and the Central States newsletter. This idea of moving
from up-draft to down-draft cooling is an interesting approach, but I think
should be approached carefully and with some good forethought, drawings,
planning, etc.

My two cents  :)


Schweitzer, Bill wrote:

> I've also thought about this.  There was an article & picture in a Central
> States (about January) that had a top-scoop LongEZ.  It didn't look too bad
> and it certainly had straight air flow.
> The question for me is: this moves the scoop from a high pressure area to a
> low pressure area and the top seems to be more critical for smooth flow.
> Does someone out there know more about the physics here?
> Bill Schweitzer
> std RGE
> San Jose, Ca
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> > Denis,
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> >
> > > Does anyone have any experience / advice on installing air scoops on the
> > top
> > > cowling so that the air stream can be directed straight into the
> > cylinder
> > > heads / plenum?
> >
> > Given the engine-cooling problems on pushers, I believe you are on the
> > right
> > track. I believe the Factory originally chose not to put cooling scoops on
> > top
> > primarily because it would look funny. But if you're willing to accept the
> > aesthetics, I believe it will cool better. My plane already has its armpit
> > scoops, or I'd install the cooling inlets on top.
> >
> >
> > Dave Black
> > ShortWing RG Classic (TopDoor)