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Air scoops

I, too, have armpit scoops (that sounds pretty disgusting)!

With my Lyc-360, my CHT's stay really low also.  I'll tell you another 
secret.  When I installed my second oil cooler at the bottom of the 
firewall, I decided to see what happened with no separate air scoop for 
it.  My oil temp stays down around 205-210 in cruise, with only a really 
hot day climbout requiring that I lower the nose to keep it from going 
too high.  In other words, there is so much air flow back there that I 
didn't need another air scoop.

At least that's my experience.  Problem is that my CHTs quit working 
awhile back, and I haven't been able to fix them.  Don't know if its a 
short somewhere or what, but since they were so low, I have no great 
incentive to fix them.  I'd rather fly.
Bob Ginsberg - Velocity N173BG - Big Ape Gyms